BeeFIX-Pro Sausages are a new convenient way to provide your bees with a probiotic and protein supplement. Simply squirt it into the front of the hive using an inexpensive applicator.

In making BeeFIX-Pro our goal is to mimic Beebread, nature’s superfood.

Beebread is a term used by beekeepers to describe the food that honey bees naturally create and store in the wax cells of the hive. Honey bees make beebread by mixing pollen with nectar, enzymes, and bacteria. When there are plenty of flowers, beebread is in the hive, usually near the brood.

Beebread is important all year round, but especially in winter when there is a shortage of pollen and nectar.

Bees don’t usually eat raw pollen for their protein source. They actually eat beebread and they feed it to their larvae. Beebread is vital for brood rearing.

When flowers are scarce and the hive is low on beebread, beekeepers often provide extra supplements to the hive, usually in the form of protein patties.

BeeFIX-Pro has been developed by StansHappyBees as a GMO-free probiotic protein source to help hives to flourish in the lean seasons or to promote healthy hive growth. It is supplied in a sausage format and is easy to apply to the hive. Simply inject it into the entrance of the hive. It provides nourishment as close as possible to that provided by nature.