About BeeFIX-Pro Sausages

What’s in BeeFIX-Pro Sausages?
BeeFIX-Pro is a PROBIOTIC and a PROTEIN food for bees.
BeeFIX-Pro combines naturally cultured bacteria (Probiotic), and Australian Soy flour, plus necessary sea minerals and natural carbohydrate (Australian cane sugar). We include minerals and
required fats in a specially customised mix, suited to the needs of honey bees.  This product, because it contains a probiotic, helps the bees digest the protein from the soy flour in a form intended by nature. It is also nature’s way of preserving the protein food in their hive for longer storage and future use.

Nothing unnatural is added.


Background to our product BeeFIX-Pro

Often beekeepers need to supplement the bees’ food and they usually feed sugar syrup and/ or protein patties without added probiotic (good bacteria that live in the bees gut.) This is not nature’s way and can lead to bees with compromised immune systems making them more susceptible to disease.

Scientific studies have shown that feeding sugar and pollen substitutes without bacteria will harm honey bees and reduce their immune system, making them more susceptible to disease and also reduce the lifespan of the bees.  (Symbionts as Major Modulators of Insect Health: Lactic Acid Bacteria and Honeybees, Tobias C. Olofsson 2012)

Also feeding Brewers Yeast and Wort have been shown to damage the gut of honey bees.


This is the reason we make our probiotic protein supplement, BeeFIX-Pro. It’s as close to nature’s food as possible.

Our goal when making BeeFIX-Pro is to mimic the benefits of natural Beebread found in the hive and to deliver a natural protein source for the bees. BeeFIX-Pro gives the bees the ingredients they need so that when Beebread is not available or the pollen source is deficient in some of the essential amino acids, they can remain healthy. Many of our native Australian eucalypts are deficient in the amino acid isoleucine. By giving your bees the probiotic (good bacteria) plus the readily available source of protein, you are doing all you can to keep your bees healthy and productive by building their immune system.

The advantages of using this product are many:
1. It provides probiotics and minerals to improve the immune system of the bees;
2. It provides a protein supplement that’s easy to digest when pollen and nectar are scarce;
3. It can easily be introduced into the beehive with minimal disruption to the bees by squirting into the hive entrance, or if you have the hive apart, on the top bars of the brood frames. This is done with an inexpensive applicator.

Note: BeeFIX-Pro is especially valuable if you are raising queens and want to ensure quality natural nutrition.

Don’t give your bees a belly ache by feeding sugar or protein patties without feeding probiotics!
Keep your bees healthy and increase their immune system. Buy some BeeFIX-Pro today.

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NOTE: Please keep your BeeFIX-Pro sausage in the shade and as cool as possible. It contains living organisms that need to be looked after. It’s OK to refrigerate or freeze.