BeeFIX-Pro Sausage


Price $25  AUD plus GST = $27.50  AUD per sausage plus freight.
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BeeFIX-Pro Sausages are a new convenient way to provide your bees with a probiotic and protein supplement.  Simply squirt it into the front of the hive using an inexpensive applicator.


Advantages of BeeFix Pro 

1. Provides probiotics and minerals to improve the immune system of the bees;
2. Provides a protein supplement that’s easy to digest when pollen and nectar are scarce;
3. It can easily be introduced into the beehive with minimal disruption to the bees by squirting  into the hive entrance, or if you have the hive apart, on the top bars of the brood frames.  This is done with an inexpensive applicator.


Does not include sausage gun!

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